What we can do together

The day after this business began I read a great article on social media upstarts.

This should be something that humbles any ‘social media [insert fancy term here]’ and makes them re-evaluate what they intend to offer to the global social community.

As someone who fits this part of the description fairly accurately: “…this person’s Web site reveal(s) a career in a totally unrelated field followed by a sudden turn to social media consulting on the basis of being an “avid” social networker.” I think it is wise to clearly define some goals:

I do not want people to think that:

…I know everything.

…if they don’t follow my suggestions it means they won’t succeed.

…I am out to blow smoke in order to gain income.

I DO want people seeing:

…that no one can know everything, but if the answer can be known I will put in the time to figure it out.

…me as someone who might know something about social networking that could potentially be beneficial.

…help directly relating to the specific problems they have.

…that they CAN contact me for advice, not someone they SHOULD contact for advice.

…services specifically tailored to their needs.

…their time/money as well spent.

What this business is NOT:
It is not about ‘do’s and don’ts’ of social media. It is not about ‘how-to draw a crowd’ or ’10 ways to… etc.’ I do have opinions on those things and can offer advice in that area, but that is not the primary purpose. I am NOT about lectures, seminars or courses.

What this business is:
Say a company wants to start using foursquare for promotions. They would hire TSNC to teach them how or hire TSNC to actually set it up for them. TSNC IS about personal, individual help on the social media front.


While many consultants may want to show you all they have discovered (and try to convince you to use/do it; what this consultant wants to do is help/advise you when you have already decided on a specific social outlet you think your company should utilize.

That is the business aspect, the blog aspect will be completely opinion. It should be clear, however, that it IS opinion, advice, not the “solution that you must follow, or fail.”

Humbly yours,



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